Tilla V – Show Ya How 2 Do Dis

Enye “Tilla V” Dinish is a product of the northwest born and raised in Seattle’s Central District.  Tilla spent time between Seattle & Portland throughout his childhood due to his mother living in Portland Oregon. It was during these years Tilla developed a love for hip hop from early influences like Run-DMC, Eric B, Rakim, & EPMD. Wanting to pursue his own dreams of becoming a artist Tilla V learned by trial and error that the music business was not all the glitz and glamour like it is always portrayed. Around the year 2000 Tilla V finally got his break working Scum Life a local group on the rise at the time. Scum Life’s motto was Souljahz Creating Underground Music and their debut album was an instant hit in the streets of Seattle and had them on the horizon of big things but due to unforeseen circumstances things never evolved.

After living and learning Tilla V pursued a solo career building his own platform for music by starting his own imprint in 2007 called Grizzly Entertainment. Since the labels induction Tilla V has released 3 projects including working with long time collaborate Ampfire to form the Heart Foundation. The last two mixtapes from Tilla V include “Son Of A Hustla” and most recently the release of “Show Ya How 2 Do Dis” which features Ike James, Messy Marv, and Russphresh. Both projects can be heard and downloaded on various outlets including datpiff. Following in the lines of hip hop icons Tilla V shows his business savvy by starting his own clothing line called “District Money”.  The clothing line is dedicated to the neighborhood than born and bred the artist know as Tilla V and is available exclusively at Kicks & Tees in Seattle. Tilla V is focused on getting his music and brand “District Money” on a national scale. Look forward to Tilla V’s Son Of a Hustla 2 coming soon. Support NorthWest Grown products!!!


1. Intro
2. Ones Up Ft Ampfire
3. Friends
4. The Force
5. Dope
6. Say Something Ft Ike James
7. Dispatch
8. Big Deal
9. Slow Down Ma Ft Russphresh
10. Ride
11. Hustla Musik Ft Messy Marv
12. Close To The Edge Part 1
13. Hands Up
14. Close To The Edge Part 2
15. For My City

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