Avatar Young Blaze – Russian Revolution

It is never a good thing when an artist makes his craft look easy and that is just what Avatar is doing dropping his third mixtape in less than a year’s time. To call them mixtapes could be an injustice at times as he mostly adheres to a lot of original production. Shorter than the previous two mixtapes he enlists features from bay area hook king Matt Blaque, Seattle’s other honorable mention Eighty4 Fly who has his own buzz going, as well as the beautiful songstress Isabella Du Graf who has been moonlighted as of light with her collaboration with Lace Cadence. Fans of the Avatar brand will not be disappointed as he delivers what is expected plus shows signs of continuing growth. Grab your hammer and your sickle and become part of the Russian Revolution!

1. Dear Blogger
2. Addicted 2 U Ft Matt Blaque
3. B.M.F. Freestyle
4. Knock It Off
5. Never Let Me Down
6. No Man’s Land Ft Ackrite Da Butcher
7. The Reprisal
8. Casino
9. Petrograd
10. Posse On Jackson
11. Extraterrestrial Ft Eighty4 Fly
12. Quattroporte
13. 3 Highe
14. Wishing On A Dream Ft Isabella Du Graf

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