Seattle’s Best – Free Compilation

Seattle, a City known for its coffee and Bill Gates, is rarely recognized nationally for its contributions to Hip Hop. What the masses don’t know is- Seattle’s music scene is on the verge of changing the game. What Mario Sweet, a local Producer, song-writer, vocalist/resident member of The Physics  has done, is compiled a hit laden album not only for the local heads to ride into the beautiful sunsets of Seattle summer with, but also for those people both far and wide starving for a taste of something fresh, something innovative and very Northwest.

Mario Sweet’s LP, fittingly titled “Seattle’s Best Free Compilation,” is comprised of 12 songs from 12 uniquely creative, ambitious local artists/groups ready to showcase their musical talents for their current fans and fans in the making. Mario modestly undertakes this project as both a performer and more importantly as a fan to showcase the genius of his fellow musicians and neighbors. Seattle’s Best Free Compilation, is the ultimate collection of local talent, including: J.Pinder, Vitamin D., The Physics, Jake One, Mash Hall, Eighty4 Fly, Neema, Thee Satisfaction, Spaceman, Sol, Grynch and D. Black. Justdamato of The Physics handles the DJ duties, securing that Seattle’s Best Free Compilation is sure not to disappoint.

1. Mario Sweet – Seattle’s Best Intro
2. J-Pinder – Go Far
3. Physics – Coronas On Madrona
4. Vitamin D – Seattle’s Best
5. Vitamin D Ft The Note – Who Dat
6. Mash Hall – Up Early In Em
7. Sol – Not The One
8. Eighty4 Fly – So Cool
9. Neema Ft Eighty4 Fly & Lace Cadence – Do It Big
10. Spaceman – Seattle’s Best
11. Spaceman – L’s Up
12. Grynch – My Volvo
13. Jake One – Seattle’s Best
14. The Physics- I Just Wanna Beat
15. Mario Sweet – Seattle’s Best
16. D-Black Ft Marissa –Yesterday
17. Theesatisfaction – Moonday School (Intergalactic Church)

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