Eighty4 Fly – The Eighty4 Fly Project

They say the hardest part of becoming a superstar in this overcrowded industry is finding your niche and being your own commodity. Though the artist known as Eighty4 Fly may be new to many listeners no worries this young talent has been putting in work perfecting his craft for quite some time. His old moniker of SK Tha King may be familiar to some and others might remember his early days as part of a group called The Naturals who dropped an album some years ago. As talented as the artist now known as Eighty4 Fly was in the past with his new bravado he exposes a sense of confidence to match his music making abilities. He has transformed from a rapper who could write a good sixteen into an artist with the ability to make songs for the masses which is highly evident on the release of his EP “The Eighty4 Fly Project”. The EP showcases versatility throughout eight tracks you get a little bit of everything whether you want songs you can ride and smoke to or songs that can compete with what is currently being played on radio/clubs. A constant complaint amongst fans and artists from Seattle is its unfair shake at the national stage when it comes to its music scene. Well an artist has finally figured it out, though Eighty4 Fly may be a local artist he makes national music which has been absent in city for a long time. Like planes things are only looking up for this artist, all aboard “Flight Eighty4 Fly” as the city of Seattle has something to be excited about!

1. Hello Future
2. So Cool
3. Hop On In
4. Get It Up Ft I Tones
5. Sunset Blvd
6. The Flyest
7. Imagine Ft Lace Cadence
8. Until We Bleed Ft Nipsey Hussle

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