Fice – Two Five Three (253)

“It’s impossible for me to find the words, put them together, and try to explain to everyone why I made this song, or how I feel about this song. Yes, I found the words and put them together to make the song, but it’s where that inspiration came from that is something that I can’t describe in it’s entirety. I’ve always wanted to make a song that was dedicated to my hometown, but I also wanted to wait for the right time to release it. There were plenty of thoughts, feelings, memories, and flashes of nostalgia going through me while working on this track. I dug really deep into my soul and used the experiences that I’ve had in all of the areas of Tacoma, the time that I’ve spent with people that I’ve met throughout the years, the different cultures that I’ve been introduced to, the good and the bad that I’ve seen in my city, and tried to tie it all together it into a song. I hope this song makes the people in my city proud to be where they are from.” (Fice)

Fice – Two Five Three

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12 thoughts on “Fice – Two Five Three (253)

  1. Fice aint from tacoma, that fool grew up in puyallup and went to school out there. You disrespect all us niggaz who grew up in tha Tac, especially those of us on tha Hill. And the next time you show some mexican and asian fucks in your video and claim they Lakewoods, I’ll let them niggas smash on you. Thats on crip!

    • I live on hill top.. still not real familiar with the gang stuff.. but are you saying Mexicans and Asians don’t live in Lakewood, or is that a gang thing? Its a good video, what the hell, be glad it was made.. not a lot of good ‘Tacoma’ videos out there.

    • you are a hating wanna ba gangbanger… you should be happy someone is trying to put tac on the map, your ignorant ass should have been aborted, what makes you think you can bash someone who is doing something good for the area what the hell have you and your wanna be crips done but make it full of wiggers and niggers huh? oh and by the way… your real hard for calling someone out on the web bet that took balls, your pathetic

      • When someone makes a song to show love to your area and all you can do is talk Shit just goes to show that no matter what haters are going to hate

  2. I discovered Fice last August and have put it on my gmail email account page once I made it home, I heard about Maclamore while ive been down in federal prison since 2010- hes all over the radio even and my man Anymous with Fed Town I have been all about since the late 90s and add to every mix tape I have worked with.. to me thats the Federal Way anthem and anyone whos anyone would say the same, now back on violation I see this lame ass comment.. I got one thing to say to all of you hater- you obviously aint shit shit and aint ever going to be shit, so simply ‘suck it slow, suck it slow’.. from the 253 to the 206, I got a missed call from your bitch!!

  3. Jtweex ur a fag U obviously ain’t a certified crip!! If u was u would know who those ese’ and Asian are!! If u was a real ass nigga u would know who was who and who is gone in that video! Rip chris Macon “lakewood legend”
    Lakewood 47 Hustler Crip!!

    • Chris Macon? a legend? What they used to call him?

      Salt Rocc was a legend. Awol a legend. Baby Fel, Lil Fel, Baby J Rocc, G Loc, Chronic, Tiny Madd, Time Bomb, Tiny C Money,… they some legends.

      Big C Money and Creep Dog was some fuccin legends. I didn’t see none of them in the video.

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