Final Cut Records Presents – Twist Tapes Chapter 1

We are Final Cut Records, making a blazing trail of hot fresh Hip Hop/Rap Music by producing original sounds and recording unique artists with something relevant to voice. Our goal is to strike a chord with an ever growing fan base and be the difference maker is this NorthWest Rap movement and beyond. Fair warning, our music is dope! Please use responsibly! Download Twist Tapes Chapter One which features Craziness, Dami, Tone G, Lil Danger, Sicc C, and many more.

1. Craziness Ft Dami – Wat I Know
2. Dami Ft Tone G & Sicc C – Cant Take Me Down
3. Sicc C Ft Lil Danger & Dami – Mobstaz
4. Dami Ft Craziness – Spotlight
5. Lil Danger Ft Dami & Kady Kane – Who Ya Know
6. Sicc C Ft Craziness & Lil Danger – Act Tha Fuk Up
7. Dami – Mashin
8. Sicc C Ft Dami & Lil Danger – 2XL
9. Lil Danger Ft Sicc C & Craziness – Belly Dance
10. Sicc C – I Do My Thang
11. Lil Danger – So Fly
12. Craziness Ft Sicc C – House Full Ah Hoez
13. Dami Ft Kady Kane & Craziness – Go Get Mine
14. Dami Ft Craziness & Tone G – Thug Out
15. Craziness Ft Dami & Ton G – Reallionaire
16. Lil Danger Ft Sicc C – Grind Fa Me
17. Dami Ft Tone G & Craziness – Last Night Of My Life (Remix)
18. Lil Danger Ft Sicc C & Craziness – Everythang In Between
19. Craziness Ft Dami – Day Dream
20. Lil Danger Ft Sicc C – To Me Its Nuttin
21. Craziness Ft Dami – Get That Money

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