DJ Lazy K – Street Treats Instrumentals Volume 2

DJ Lazy K is a DJ based out of New York reaching out to talented producers who are hungry to be heard. Street Treats Instrumentals Volume 2 features some of the Northwest’s up and coming talented producers including Kuddie Fresh, Baked Beatz, and KDcutz. All of whom have produced for artists in the region as well as outside the region due to networking on projects like this.

1. Street Treats (Intro) [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
2. Heart Of A Champion [Prod. By DJ El Grande]
3. Handle The Rock [Prod. By Knels]
4. Push [Prod. By Knels]
5. Slow Down [Prod. By DJ El Grande]
6. Ransom Ft SK & Big Spec – Draft Picks [Prod. By Knels]
7. Extra Clips [Prod. By Leviticus Black]
8. Get It Poppin Anywhere [Prod. By Knels]
9. Grand Theft [Prod. By DJ El Grande]
10. Got My Heat Tucked In [Prod. By DJ El Grande]
11. Nightlife [Prod. By Baked Beatz]
12. Nasty [Prod. By Baked Beatz]
13. Stop Whinin [Prod. By Bolo]
14. Jadakiss F. Kokane & Kartoon – West Coast Kiss [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
15. Flyin High [Prod. By Kuddie Fresh]
16. Dipped In Butter [Prod. By KDCutz]
17. Match My Dollar [Prod. By KDCutz]
18. Money Is The Object [Prod. By KDCutz]
19. Champagne Wishes [Prod. By GZ]
20. Back To The Block [Prod. By GZ]
21. Superbad [Prod. By GZ]
22. We Can Do It [Prod. By G Lawrentz]
23. Grindin Never Felt So Good [Prod. By G Lawrentz]
24. The Jacka Ft Kels – 28 Grams [Prod. By Doc Savage]
25. Hi 808 [Prod. By DJ Sabzi]
26. This World [Prod. By DJ Semaj]
27. Street Treats (Outro) [Prod. By Malachi]

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