Craziness – Crazy Thoughts Mixtape

Craziness from Final Cut Records has just released a new mixtape “Crazy Thoughts” which features 19 tracks with features from Lil Danger, D-Fresh, Gates, Arjay, James Blak, Tay Junk, Tone G, Dami, Tyrant, and many more. Hit the link to see the tracklisting and free download.  Also in stores now is new albums from Dami “No Time To Waste”, Craziness “Chief Of The Region”, and Lil Danger “The Second Supper”. Be on the lookout for the new solo album from Craziness entitled “Running The Region”.

1. Deep Up In The Game
2. Come And Blow With Me
3. How Can We Go Wrong Ft Gates, D-Fresh, & Arjay
4. Sex
5. I Know You Like It
6. Does She Love Me
7. Real Talk Ft James Blak
8. Stay Grindin
9. When We Get At You Ft Lil Danger
10. Look Ft D-Fresh & Tay Junk
11. No Matter Where We Go Ft Tone G
12. Keep It So Tight Ft Dami
13. Tonight
14. Shes Gots Ass
15. Left To The Right
16. Crazy Thoughts Ft Gates
17. Not This Time
18. Are You Ready
19. What Im About

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