Roulette Delgato – The Antidote

Roulette Delgato was born in The Oregon State Penitentiary in 1986. Shortly after birth his grandma came and took custody due to his mothers time left to serve.  Roulette was taken to Portland Oregon where he and his sisters stayed until their mother got out eleven months later. “I don’t know much about my dad, but I do know that he has about thirteen kids; I only know four of them. I don’t remember much until about seven, but I do remember falling asleep in my moms lap almost every night listening to Betty Right, Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, and one of my personal favorites R. Kelly.” By the age of eight Roulette was in love with music and it is all he thought about. “I would run around the house singing all day, driving everybody crazy. I remember being on top of the kitchen table, singing and imitating Michael Jackson moves. Everything from the famous spin to crotch grab.”

At about nine Roulette started noticing a lot of traffic in his house. “People running in and out all the time. Thats when I got turned onto the Dope Game. My moms was one of the biggest hustlas in Portland. Everybody knew her name. I would be at school and hear other kids talk about how my moms was serving they parents.”  For the next couple of years Roulette just soaked it all up and learned how to make crack, chop it up, and sell it. It was almost like a family business because the whole family had a part in the selling process.  “After my moms had my little brother, I noticed that the business wasn’t booming as much things really started to calm down. Even though we was living it up with big screen TV’s, nice furniture, all the hottest gear I felt like I didn’t have  my mom. She had made it ten years clean and sober but at age twelve is when she relapsed. The house started to fall apart with everybody doing their own thing.”

Roulette felt alone in the world like he didn’t have anybody to look after him. By this time Roulette was in Junior High student and just couldn’t put up with how life was going anymore. “I packed my bags and wrote my moms a letter saying why I couldn’t stay. I left and went to stay with some people I knew. The very next day I was at school and one of my neighborhood friends told me that before they came to school that morning they saw police cars and s.w.a.t. vans surrounding my house.” The F.E.D.S. had been watching the house for months and somebody close to Roulette’s mom had snitched on her. “They got caught up and did not want to serve no jail time so from the information that the snitch gave them the F.E.D.S. were able to set my mom up.” The plot was to trick her with a jewelry sting in which she had a long time infatuation with. Roulettes mom loved her jewelry and the snitch introduced her to a Jewelry dealer . In exchange for Jewelry she offered crack and that was al the F.E.D.S. needed.

In April of 2000 Roulettes mother was sentenced to five years in the federal penitentiary. For the next three years Roulette  was bounced around from foster home to foster home. “I was fucking miserable. By the year 2003, I had attended three alternative schools all in one year. None of them worked out for me. In the middle of my junior year I started attending Jefferson High School.” Jefferson was a Portland Public high school located in the heart of Portland’s hoods. Living with his oldest sister at this point things started to look up. The only downfall was the days of living lavish seemed so far behind and being broke was starting to be a issue . “My sister worked a part time job at Taco Time. She had a five year old daughter and a boyfriend already living with her in a ran down two bedroom apartment. I’d rather sleep on her couch than live in anymore of those fucked up foster homes.” Roulette had to get back on his hustle so he began selling crack again. He would go to school in the morning, hit licks when at breakfast break, go back to class, hit licks at lunch time, smoke a blunt and then go to geometry class. “After school I would hit licks and then go home and do home work. After that I would stay up all night and wait for licks to come to the house. School slowly started to become my second priority and money became the first.” By the end of Roulette’s junior year he pretty much said fuck school and  never finished finals. During the summer of 2003 Roulettes sister started enforcing rules and due to numerous fights he felt it better to move out. At the end of the summer Roulette was moved to one last foster home  which happened to be the best one yet. “The people actually cared about my education and appreciated my music. They knew that I was a rapper and that my music wasn’t positive, but they still stuck by me. It is because of them I finished school the next year.”

The summer of 2003 also was the start of Roulette Delgato’s rap career as he signed with WE Side Records. “They were blown away by my ability to rap really fast to slow beats.” Due to fact Roulette was still in High School music took the backburner till he graduated. After graduating he continued with WE Side records which happened to be under new management. “We did a lot of shows and started getting our name out in the streets but because of bad management & bad decisions many artists on the label started breaking off doing their own thing.” Roulette dedicated to the label stuck around to try and keep building the name but eventually just as the other artists he left in 2006 to sign to Hardtimes Records. “I had already had original/mixtape tracks when I joined them so I began the creation of Russian Roulette Mixtape Voloume 1.” Things started out okay but Roulette started feeling like things were not moving the way he wanted them to.

A year later in 2007 Roulette left Hardtimes records and reunited with Iceberg Entertainment (Which was under the same management as W.E. Side records). “We promoted clubz, Headline our own show’s, and made moves throughout the town. I continued recording tracks for RR Mixtape Voloume 1 in hopes that it would be released soon.” As with past experience he was put on the back burner for months. Promises were made that Roulette would release in the summer, then at the end of the year, then at the beginning of 2008. It seemed like history basically repeated itself. “After waiting for so long I took it upon myself and released my mixtape. The C.E.O. of Iceberg Entertainment was not happy with my decision and kicked me off the label along with C.O.O. Lindsey (Lindz-O) who helped me release my project. It was a blessing in disguise as we then started Diamond Cut Records.” Now 2009 Roulette Delgato brings his concoction of “The Antidote” to the rap game with his first solo album. With some of the best producers in the northwest and features from Shawnacy, Tayboy, Scripz, Young D, & Young Hood the cure is here!

1. Shine Time FT Shawnacy
2. Born In The Pen Ft Shawnacy
3. Put It In My Pocket Ft Tayboy, Shawnacy, & Young D
4. The Antidote
5. Life Of A Rap Star Ft Scripz
6. The O Song
7. Solo Dolo
8. Throw It Up (Diamonds Down) Ft Tayboy & Young D
9. Damn Ft Shawnacy
10. Bout That Dough
11. Chizzled Ft Young D
12. Do It Major Ft Young Hood
13. In The Zone
14. Knock Em Out The Park
15. Whatcha Like
16. Cant Fuck With Us Ft Tayboy & Young D
17. Psycho

Roulette Delgato – Shine Time

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Roulette Delgato – The O Song

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Roulette Delgato – Do It Major

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Roulette Delgato – Whatcha Like

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