Mac Wayne – Blind & Battered (Mixtape)


Mac Wayne…the undisputed Ray Charles of rap. 100% blind and 100% raw. From the street to the studio this kid’s got something that can’t be reproduced by anyone else in the game. A gun shot to the head took his sight and in the same instant gave him the ability to see whole songs in his mind (what he calls THISION – Thinking Vision). Wayne is unable to read brail or write anything down on paper, he has to memorize everything as it comes to him.

Don’t get it twisted though, these are not freestyles, they are something completely different. They are much more evolved than a simple freestyle, Wayne’s lyrics are deliberate, complicated and very highly skilled. He has the ability to tell stories that paint a picture so bright that they are hard to forget. Close your eyes and listen to any track you choose and I am certain like the 1000’s of people that have already discovered him, you too will be amazed.

From near death and after a life changing experience, By the grace of God  Mac Wayne is making an impact on all who see and listen to his performances. Now making thought provoking music. This is an artist with a truly developed voice to the world. After suffering the loss of vision at the age of 17 through a God made event, Mac Wayne’s life has dramatically turned around. He began rapping and rehearsing verses in his head and has now evolved into a phenomenon, rapping verse after verse of intense, clever, and intelligent lyrics without ever writing them down. His lyrics encapsulate his unique life experiences, his raw street smart intellect, and his quick witted ability to drop commentary on nearly any subject at hand.

He has blossomed into a seasoned creator and performer in the greater Seattle area. Fans are astonished to see such animated performances from a man who cannot even see who he is rapping to. This mold-breaking artist has earned every bit of his renown in the Seattle area, selling over 1000 CD’s in his short performing career. In less than three years, he has gained a devoted following of fans that are expanding rapidly and fueling his every move. He has earned opening spots for artists such as Luni Coleone, Spice 1, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Mac Wayne is here to shatter molds through straightforward and street credible music.

1. Gotta Split
2. Smoother Than Woodgrain
3. Keep Your Mouth Shut (Skit)
4. One Way In Ft Sonny Bonoho
5. Ready 4 Hell
6. My Life
7. Blind & Battered (Skit)
8. It All Started From A Zip
9. Ziplock Ft E-40
10. Where You Been (Skit)
11. Smell Of Victory Ft Sonny Bonoho
12. Top Of The Line
13. All Of It

Mac Wayne – Ready 4 Hell

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Mac Wayne Ft E-40 – Ziplock

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32 thoughts on “Mac Wayne – Blind & Battered (Mixtape)

  1. If you blind stop rapping about shootin ppl n Drivin cars and seein girls shake, talk about real shit you do u lyin ass mothefucker

    • Just so you know , he was not always blind, so when he talks about the things he does, he has memories, and if a girls ass is all up on you, I’. sure you would know it, Do you relize how dumb you sound?

  2. Yo “Stop Rapping… If you don’t know Mac Wayne then you don’t know shit… Take your dumb ass responses somewhere else!

    I’m out

  3. Partial vision I know ppl who known that guy since birth and hes juss a wannabe rapper, and whoever sells his dope for him is a bitch, y dont they jack that fool and put 2 in his top?? Cuz they all square.. He aint never been Macced by the mighty and honorable Mac Dre or Mac Mall, nebody who rocks that at the beginnin cant say that.. So Fuck you dickrider

  4. Mac Wayne aitn no pimp, he’s a little bitch! His boys might be something but Wayne aint nothing more than a punk ass faggot.

  5. for all you mother fuckers talkin shit bout wayn keep his name out youre mouth unless you know him….you just haters 4 real……..hhahahahhahaha yeah im laughin at you haters…

  6. man yall quit all that hate…im from da south this nigga shit is fire ill be at the video shoot my nigg!!!

  7. Hattin comes with the territory, I just happen to be the star of the show. Speaking of shows, how come these haters never go. I carry at least 3 grand in my pocket, diamonds sprinkled everywhere, in my big body escalade on 24’s that yes sometimes I do drive, run up and see how fake I really am,,, your in for a surprise. I been tryin to not let these haters get to me. But there so korny it makes me want to pop em. I bet they don’t want to see me in a boxing ring with a blindfold though in Geesus Christ name Amen!


  9. I fuckin love this cd used to listen to it ALLLLLL the time then one day it fucking disapeared!!!! UGH but ZIPLOCK is the fuckin shit!!!! And is my favorite song of all time!!! FOR REAL!!! I LOVE E-40 AND THEY MAKE A PERFECT DUO!!

  10. i just want to say your pretty filthy. I bump you all the time. My Little brother knows you, his name is Alex Wise, from everet. YOUR DAMN GOOD AT YOUR LYRICS. KEEP IT UP YOU GOT TALENT. I HOPE TO MEET YOU SOME TIME.

  11. Look all these suckers. Talking about who’s real and who’s fake. Bottom-line, Mac Wayne’s tracks are hittin… What about yours? Oh, you don’t have none? Shiiiiiiiiitttt…

    I’m feeling blind & battered. I don’t care if he’s blind or not. I don’t care if he sells dope, or if he’s hard, or if he’s been “Macced”, whatever the fuck that means…

    All I know is he’s got some fresh lyrics… Definition of a hater right there… talkin’ shit, cuz you mad at another man’s success…

  12. Sup this Jesse cable from Mr.Novak’s class in middle school its been a long time we haven’t talked I’m doing good I live up north we got a farm its crazy but ya u should hit me up lets Catch up on some things

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