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Paper Chasin Records is a record label that has built its foundation on organization, loyalty, and discipline (O.L.D.). This code of conduct is the key to the success of Paper Chasin Records. The varieties of artists under this label come from many different walks of life with the majority coming from either Louisiana or Washington. The diversity of these artists gives the music a creative blend of differing styles and genres which include Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Gospel.

Paper Chasin Records is a family owned business that was founded by Alfred Quinn a.k.a. G.B. in 1984. Alfred Quinn was born and raised in the impoverished area of New Orleans called the 9th Ward. Many of Alfred’s relatives were musically inclined and family gatherings were a showcase of many talents. While there were many music styles represented at these gatherings, the genre that captured the heart of Alfred Quinn was Hip Hop. Alfred relocated to Washington and brought with him his deep rooted belief in unity of family and music.

Paper Chasin Records is releasing their first compilation entitled “Certified Hustle Part 1”. The Certified Hustle compilation has heart felt songs like “I See Fraud” and “New Orleans” that bring to light the continuing struggles of many Katrina victims. These songs are perfect additions to potential sound tracks for any up and coming films about Katrina. The world needs to hear the story from the vantage point of the victims of Katrina in order to fully understand the whole story, including the side that the media failed to portray or tried to cover up.

Money is the symbol that represents Paper Chasin Records. The meaning behind many of the symbolisms on the dollar bill closely relate to what Paper Chasin Records stands for. The dollar bill shows an un-capped pyramid which signifies the continued journey of the growth of America when the dollar bill first went into print; this is the same determination exemplary of Paper Chasin Records as they see success as a journey not a destination. The all seeing-eye is an ancient symbol for divinity. Paper Chasin Records believes the eye is that of GOD and deceased family and friends watching over them. Paper Chasin Records hold the Latin sayings that are written above and below the pyramid as personal providential truths. The Latin above the pyramid, Annuit Coeptis, means, “GOD has favored our undertaking.” Also the Latin below the pyramid, Novus Ordo Seclorum, means, “a new order has begun.”

The bald eagle, also represented on the dollar bill, is a symbol of victory for two reasons. First, he is not afraid of a storm, he is strong, and he is smart enough to soar above all. The members of Paper Chasin Records understand that there will be storms but also realize that standing strong together, they are able to rise above any challenge. Secondly, the eagle wears no material crown which mirrors how Paper Chasin Records runs its business with no kings but rather everyone having an equal say. In the eagle’s beak it reads “E Pluribus Unum” meaning, “one nation of many people.” This is the unity that Paper Chasin has instilled in its culture because they realize that there is power in numbers. The eagle holds an olive branch with 13 leaves in one talon and 13 arrows in the other. The olive branch stands for peace and the arrows stand for war. Paper Chasin Records prays for peace but they train for war. The olive branch and arrows also symbolize the differing creative genres represented within the label like Gospel/Inspirational and Rap. The number thirteen represents the thirteen founding members of Paper Chasin Records.

The roots of unity, family, and music run deep in Paper Chasin Records just like the deep seated meaning behind the symbolisms on the dollar bill. The motto of Paper Chasin Records is, “Good things come to those who wait, but only what is left behind by those who hustle.” Each artist will exhibit their own identity in their up and coming album, but the release of the first compilation, “Certified Hustle Part 1” is the groundbreaking work that will give the world a taste of what is yet to come. Get ready for this!

1. Ride (D Dan, Yung E, Miz, Fiz)
2. Bounce Wit It (D Dan)
3. Struggle And Strive (D Dan, Fiz, Aweezy, Ms Kia)
4. I See Fraud (Lil Melvin)
5. Drop It (Fiz, D Dan)
6. Mr Nice Guy (D Dan, Fiz, Dread)
7. Ride Wit My Niggas (Dread)
8. Try Me (Dread)
9. Opposite (Troub)
10. Fight Club (Big Mike, Yung Miz, 4 Zero)
11. Uza Fool (4 Zero)
12. Tha Truth (Dread, Fiz)
13. Get Our Lives Together (D Dan, Yung E)
14. Iron Hotel (Big Mike)
15. Funky (Fiz, D Dan, Pamp)
16. Not My Dream (Yung Miz)
17. New Orleans (Mr Fabulous, Ms Kia)

D Dan, Yung E, Miz, Fiz – Ride

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D Dan, Fiz, Aweezy, Ms Kia – Struggle & Strive

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